Brand Messaging

Generating Excitement Through Education

We have all asked someone what they do for a living at some point in a conversation after first meeting them.  Often their response is a simple one where they state things such as I am a Realtor, or I do plumbing.  It is human nature to form an image in your mind that depicts what it is you think a person does based on past experience.  You could be way off base because such a response is far too vague for you to think otherwise.  Maybe this particular Realtor focuses only on individuals who purchase property as an investment.  For clarification, they should have used those words.


Generating Interest

It isn't what you are selling that's important; it's how you sell it.  You can get a potential client excited and interested in learning more about your business if your messaging is correct.  This can be done verbally or in written form on the marketing piece you use to first introduce your business to a client.  Remember, you won't always be present when someone first learns of your business.  Maybe they were handed a brochure by a strategic referral partner when the client expressed a need for your services.  Either way, this messaging needs to include just enough detail that potential clients understand who your target clients are along with the benefits of using your business.  If you are successful at gaining their attention verbally, be sure you leave them with the printed materials also.  This will allow the client to refresh their memory, discuss it with someone else if necessary, and builds confidence in the fact that your business is reputable.

What This All Means

Engaging your client right from the beginning using a unique phrase that describes your business in a way they have never heard before is a terrific way to start.  You will very likely be asked the question, what do you do?  Instead of answering with something simple like I am a business coach, make a detailed statement such as I provide accountability to small business owners with 10 or less employees that need someone in their corner to guide them, to talk to, and show them ways to get over hurdles in the way of reaching their goals.  If this potential client is a good fit for your business and wants to learn more, remember to leave them with a printed marketing piece that provides greater detail and reinforcement of what you already told them.  If you don't currently have this in place then learn about The Power of a Well Designed Brochure where we teach you how important these are to your business.

A Little Different...  A Lot Better!