The Power of a Well Designed Brochure

Meeting Potential Clients

When asked how successful a first meeting with a new client goes, many business owners tell us that it doesn't always go the way they planned.  Our response is, "show us what printed marketing materials you provide a potential client once they seem interested in learning more about your business."  It is then that we see the problem.  What is that you ask?  They are starting at second base.

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The problem is they go straight into showing the client different products and services they can purchase from their business and they completely side step why the potential client should think about using their business.

Why is this important?  Most clients aren't quite ready to take that leap.  We have found that in about 90% of the cases where money is going to be involved someone else will be assisting with that decision.  It often is because they want to verify they are being wise in their judgement.

Where does a brochure come into play with decision making?  A well designed introductory brochure tells the story of an independent business person or that of a business, it describes the benefits of using your services, the brochure describes your process, and of course it includes ways to reach you.  This same brochure educates the person you are initially meeting while providing a tool to accurately educate that other person so they understand why your potential client would choose to use your services.

Building Strategic Referral Relationships

Now it is time to add another dimension to your marketing.  Get your brochures into the hands of other businesses that allow you to easily refer one another.  For example, if you own an auto body business, then a great strategic referral partner for you would be an insurance broker or a business that specializes in auto glass.  On the flip side,  be sure you have some of their brochures to hand out to clients who may be in need of their services as well.

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