Business Visibility

Do People Know Your Business Exists?

Each day we drive to and from work, school, shopping and many other places we go.  How many centers that house businesses do you drive by each day and have no clue what businesses are actually in there?  Probably quite a few depending on the size of the city you live in.  If you own one of these businesses then realize others experience the same thing.  If your business runs out of your house then you have even less visibility.  It is unlikely your business is Private or Top Secret, so you need others to find it.  We have some ideas that will really help.

Network Marketing is a great way to expose your business to large groups of people in a relatively short period of time. You need to be prepared with business cards and an introductory marketing piece designed to allow them to learn about your business, what the benefits of using your business are, how your process works, what services you offer (you're not selling at this point so no prices), and contact information so they know how to reach you.  Be sure to get their information so you maintain control and have a way to follow-up with them in a timely fashion.  Remember, those you provide with this information are interested now, and may find other distractions later.

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More Ways To Gain Visibility

  • This type of relationship is one in which you provide introductory marketing material to another business that can easily refer others to your business. You want to be sure you also have introductory marketing pieces for their business so you can in turn refer others to their business.

  • Attending Trade Shows & Expos can be a great way to get exposure for your business, and if you setup and work your booth correctly you won't just collect business cards but gain actual business opportunities as well. If you need guidance with this we teach a workshop on this very topic. Simply contact us at (719) 638-2920 to schedule a workshop today.

  • Share your expertise with others who are interested in learning information related to your business. This isn't about selling interested parties product but instead providing useful information that betters their lives in some way. You definitely do need to have forms on hand meant to capture everyone's information that attends, has areas that allow you to obtain feedback on your presentation and its effectiveness, the ability to learn what other areas of your business they have interest in, and has a section designed to obtain referrals from your attendees.

  • Social Media is now an important method of gaining visibility for a business these days. Keep your personal pages personal and your business pages focused on your business. Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter are among the most popular sites others use. There are a variety of others as well. In addition to this, there is Print Ad Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Online Marketing as options. Signs and Banners provide eye catching visibility. Postcard Mailings to certain demographics can work as well if the message is clear, they are sent to the right audience, you have a desirable call-to-action, and you add a value to the mailing in the form of something like a percentage off a first order.

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