Business Cards

Making A Great First Impression

Initial Contact

Anytime a business owner, salesperson, technician, etc... is asked for a business card by a potential client, they are about to make a first impression for the company they represent.  How much self-assurance do you have that someone representing your business would make a great first impression when handing a client their business card?  This is an important consideration.  That first impression is important in establishing a level of confidence in the mind of a potential client as to whether or not they decide to take that next step.



handing out business card



The Feel of a Business Card

Let's start with the feel of a business card.  Different card stock textures and thicknesses used to make a business card you give to a potential client will each create a different sensation when held in their hand.  A thick card stock such as 16 point is more substantive in feel as opposed to a standard weight stock such as 100 pound.  There are also gloss and smooth card stocks which relate more to texture in the hand.

A very popular finish on business cards these days is UV Coating.  This adds a sheen to a card and augments the business card making it feel thicker.  The Smooth card stock without any coating has a more traditional feel to it.  Each leaves the recipient with a unique impression as they take them from you.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches you choose for your business cards can additionally impact the psyche of a business card recipient.  While traditional cards have their place, finishes like foil. round corners, or Spot UV coating can separate you from others.


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Creating Opportunity

Business cards have a certain fundamental use in that they allow the holder to provide their contact information to an interested party.  These should always be on hand as you never know when a situation could lead to future business.  When someone asks for your business card and you have none to provide,  it makes you appear unprepared and can leave an uneasy feeling with the other person that doing business with you may not be such a good idea.  If Information changes,  have your cards printed with the correct data,  Drawing a line through a phone number and writing it in pen isn't very professional. :Remember,  a well-designed business card is held onto and often gets shown to others.

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