Client Loyalty

Long Term Benefits Vs. Short Term Gains

The Choice Is Yours

The service culture of a business varies greatly depending on the philosophy, desired outcome, and motivation of its leadership.  As business owners we need to remember that in today's society it is easy for someone to do research about your company prior to conducting business.  While considering this something to ask is, "do I desire a long term client or a short term customer?"  At Minuteman Press Colorado Springs we see these two as very different.  We strive to build long term client relationships by taking a vested interest in each client, making sure we provide quality customer service and products that help develop their business, while providing them with added value services that exceed their expectations.  We work toward gaining client loyalty over an extended period of time.  If our clients succeed so do we.

Of course clients are technically customers, but we look at clients as those we have a relationship with and customers as those we handled a transaction for.  What are some ways to evaluate how well your business builds loyalty with clients?  Take a close look at the service culture of your business.  When a client conducts business with your company are they shown that meeting their needs is put ahead of fulfilling your own?  If so, are your employees trained to handle your clients the same way?  One way to measure this is to obtain client feedback through satisfaction surveys.  Another is to study the transaction history of your client base to see how often clients return to your business to fulfill their needs in what you have to offer.  Are their incentive programs in place that drives your clients to be loyal to your business?  We have some suggestions that may help you with this.


Making It Happen

There are a number of things you could do to help drive loyalty by your client base.  One of the most widely used tools is a Punch Card customized to your business.  These are easy to hang onto, and people will come back to your business to use them.  We mentioned surveys, and if done correctly can provide valuable feedback about how clients perceive your business.  Remember, right or wrong perception is important as this is how clients see your business whether you like it or not.  Reward your top clients, take clients to lunch, and exceed their expectations by providing services they didn't expect that relate to your business which help them gain more benefit from products and services they currently use.  If you need a Punch Card, a Satisfaction Survey Card, or any other product you feel would help develop loyalty, Place an Order and we will get started on it.

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