CTA Cards

Call to Action Cards

What is a Call to Action Card?

As business owners or associates we carry a set of business cards around with us in the event we meet someone who is a potential customer.  There is another card you should carry with you as well.  This card is different from your business card in that it is specifically designed to ask the potential customer to take a specific action.  Can you give me an example?  Examples of these actions are providing them a QR code to scan that drives them to your website, or a phone number to call and find out about a special offer you have setup for new customers.

These days we all know the value of having a website for our business.  The problem is there are a lot of websites out there that offer similar products and services to the ones you provide.  True, so how do I get found in the sea of websites?  The most direct method is to make sure that all of your printed marketing materials include links that direct people to your specific website.  A CTA or Call to Action Card serves this purpose nicely.  How?  You hand them directly to a potential customer explaining how they work, they should be the size of a business card so they can be carried easily, and they can offer multiple marketing opportunities if they are setup properly.

How Does Minuteman Press Use CTA's in Their Marketing?

Minuteman Press CTA
Why Use a CTA?  Because It Will Drive Traffic!

One Call to Action Card we use at Minuteman Press of Colorado Springs has 2 ways that potential customers can interact with them.  They can either call the number listed on the Call to Action Card from their cell phone which will provide them with a pre-recorded message, or they can scan the QR Code with their cell phone which will prompt them to touch a call button that pops up on their screen to make the call.  When they do this, a voice message notifies them that they have received a Text Message that provides a link to our website.  The link directs them to a page of our website that has a video explaining a special offer available to New Customers.  The other thing that occurs simultaneously is that the customer is automatically added to our Mobile Marketing campaign so they can receive future offers as they become available.

  As you can see, CTA's or Call to Action Cards can really help drive traffic to your business if they are used properly.  If you are ready to start driving traffic to your business then go ahead and "Place an Order", so we can get started making your Call to Action Cards.  Together let's begin to build your business.