Capturing Information at Every Opportunity


The tendency for a business attending an expo or event where they have a booth is to offer a giveaway and place a basket on the table to collect business cards as entry in the drawing.  This is their main method of capturing opportunity.  Although this is common, it is also ineffective by itself.  We are not saying this shouldn't be done; however, there are other things we recommend you do as well.

Request An Estimate

Have a form designed to capture information from visitors which allows you to schedule an appointment with them.  We know what you are thinking.  Who is going to commit to that during the event?  If it's done correctly you would be surprised.

How is this done correctly? The effective way to get visitors to take action is to provide them with an incentive. A free gift for signing up works if followed up by another for showing up.  An example is offering them a Coffee Mug with your logo, website info, and QR Code at the time of sign-up.

They will keep and use this for an extended period of time. Your information will be seen every time they drink that cup of coffee while sitting at their desk. Upon showing up for the appointment you could provide them with a certificate to use on their first transaction.


If you are hosting a seminar or speaking engagement a form can be a very useful tool as well.  How is this going to assist me during my seminar?  This isn't something you will be using during your seminar, but it will come into play at the end.  We recommend that the form begins with an area for collecting contact information from your guest, a space for them to provide feedback about your presentation, check boxes so they can inform you about other services you offer they want to learn more about, in addition to a section where they can provide you with referrals for others who would be interested in the products and services you offer.

Are you going to be attending an event in the near future?  Be prepared, and order your forms now.