Image Is Everything

What Does Your Customer See?

You arrive at your business for another day and right away you get busy taking care of completing projects for clients that have placed orders or need servicing.  This is important because you need to take care of your clients in a timely manner.  There is a question you should be asking yourself each day as you arrive at your place of business before you begin your workday.  That question is, what does the customer see?  Why, because this is where their perception originates.  If things are out of place fix the situation at that point and then get to work.

The last you want to have happen is for you to be working away and suddenly have a new client walk into your business and see what they perceive as chaos.  This isn't limited to only businesses that are brick and mortar.  If your business runs out of your house you are still going to interact with clients.  When you provide a potential or existing client with information about your business how is it presented?  Do you hand them a piece of paper with an estimate on it, or are you providing them with a presentation folder that has a business card on the one pocket, a brochure on the other, their estimate inside one of the pockets and a list of additional services you offer in the second pocket?  Which option do you think will instill greater confidence in your client?  If your business runs out of an office or storefront, now you have the added duty of organizing your location.  When you are done with something put it away or you should throw it away depending on which is more appropriate.  Have file folders printed that allow input of information such as dates they were updated, or what is enclosed to make finding the information easier at a later time.  Printed labels for binders make them identifiable.

Having everything organized will help your business run efficiently while creating an inviting environment for clients as they come into your location.  It feels great to come to work in a clean space and creates a positive atmosphere that will pass onto your customer service.  Clients will feel comfortable as they conduct business and they will look forward to future visits.  The way you present yourself at meetings will produce similar outcomes.  You are the owner, so dress up a little.  Wearing business appropriate attire assists with perception as well.  When you show up to a meeting with a client looking sharp they will see that you mean business and will rest assured that business will be taken care of.

It's Time To Get Busy

To help improve your image and instill confidence in your clients we have the tools to help.  Acquire Presentation Folders that are die cut for both a business card and brochure on the pockets, File Folders, and Labels for your Binders right away  All you have to do is Place An Order and before you know it you'll be taking care of business with confidence.


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