Cost Saving Techniques to Printing Invitations

Oh look!  A Whole Catalog of Invitation Samples

There are quite a few options you can choose from when it comes to deciding on an invitation design.  Stores that 3D Man With Catalogspecialize in event supplies often will have catalogs of invitations that you can look through.  This can be a daunting task that can feel overwhelming.  These catalogs are generally big and bulky.  They are generally filled with invitation samples for all occasions, and sometimes are not divided very well.  Looking through these books can be quite time consuming.  The products in these may look fancy and adorned with ribbons and raised text.  They include envelope samples as well that are often lined with foil.  Finally after your long search is over you ask the dreaded question, how much are these?  Hopefully you brought someone with you to catch you as you faint.

Don't worry, help is on the way.  The catalogs weren't a complete waste of time.  They can have a benefit in that they often are good at giving you great ideas.  If you want to save money and still have an invitation you can be proud to mail to friends & family, come into Minuteman Press in Colorado Springs and we will customize your invitations for you.  Custom invitations?  That has to be way more expensive.  Actually, we can produce beautiful invitations at a much lower cost if you keep them somewhat simple yet elegant.

Wedding Invitations Made for Less

Wedding Invitation

They make pre-packaged blank invitations, rsvp cards and envelopes.  Some of these may have an embossed border just outside the area to be printed on the front of the invitations.  In most cases that works out fine.  Caution! Stay away from the packages with foil borders.  They can be difficult to send through our machines.  It is related to the metallic properties and Digital Printing.  Sometimes the borders will be an intricate design printed on the invitations, and those do just fine.  If you get a pretty card to begin with and then we print on it they can look like you spent quite a bit.  But, you don't have to.  This can be true especially if you stick with Black Print.  If you start with a Pure White Card and then add Color Printing it will cost a bit more, but still significantly less than getting invitations through the catalog.

The cards in the catalog looked so fancy with all the ribbons and things on them.  Good news!  If you are willing to put in a little work yourself you get the look without the expense. How?  By having us print your invitations, and then adding the ribbons yourself afterwards.

This same concept works for invitations for all occasions.  Whether for a Birthday, Shower, you name it, you can save money through customizing your invitations at Minuteman Press of Colorado Springs.  We have some of the same catalogs here.  If you are having an event in the near future then go ahead and "Place an Order",  so we can get started making invitations you will be proud of.