Maintain Control

Keeping The Control In Your Hands

You are out and about where you meet a potential client for the first time.  When asked, you explain what it is you do and they state they have an interest in learning more about you business.  They ask for a business card which you gladly hand them.  Satisfied that they have your information the conversation comes to an end.  What are the odds that you won't hear from the person you just met?  The odds are stacked in the favor of them not calling you for multiple reasons.  They have busy lives, they have other important things on their minds, or they need to be somewhere soon.  Worse than that, by the time they leave the location you were when meeting them they may not remember much about what you told them; not the details anyway.  There are much better ways to handle these situations as they arise.

For starters, you need to be the one in control of the situation and not the other party.  You could ask if they have a business card, but not everyone is going to be prepared.  This is true especially if your clients are mainly consumers and not business clients.  So, what then?  Having a simple form made that allows you to capture basic contact information (name, address, phone, and email) is a powerful way of regaining control.  This could be the size of a business card so they are easy to carry around.  Now you are not waiting for a call.

Enhancing the Opportunity

To assist in making this opportunity move along a bit faster you should also always be prepared with some form of educational piece that reminds the potential client what it is you do in detail.  A brochure works well as it provides a great insight to who your company is, how you work with clients, what benefits there for them in using your services, and a list of the services you provide.  This should also provide a couple of testimonials, along with the contact information for your company.  When providing them your card, give them this information and tell them you will call them tomorrow to see if they have any questions.  That call will be when you set your first appointment to begin developing a relationship.

Keep the control in your hands and take the opportunities that present themselves rather than letting them slip away.  To have contact collection forms made for your business, along with an educational piece that properly introduces your business to them as a reminder of what it is you offer, go ahead and Place an Order.  Together, Let's Begin To Build Your Business!

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