Introductory Marketing

The Right Path For First Introductions

Congratulations!  You met a potential client while at a networking event who seems excited to learn more about your business.  It is natural to desire the close of a sale as soon as possible after being presented with this opportunity.  Not so fast, otherwise you could make the same mistake that many other business owners do.  The easiest way to put this into perspective is by using a sports analogy.  The sport of choice for this situation is baseball.

You hit the ball and got a base hit.  Now what are you supposed to do?  RUN!!!  But where are you running to?  There is an obvious answer, but you actually have 2 choices.  You could do what quite a few business owners do, but you risk running into the trap that those same business owners find.  For the purposes of the trap scenario as the first choice, let's call this 2nd base.  Assuming you chose this option you will find yourself heading straight into showing a client the products you offer.  In most cases they aren't quite ready to do that yet.  After all, you haven't provided them with a reason they should be at this point.

The other choice you can make after getting your base hit is a better one.  The scenario for this choice is running straight to 1st base after hitting the ball.  As is done is baseball, the same needs to apply to business.  Why?  Put yourself in the shoes of a client that met you for the first time.  You may have peaked a client's interest while explaining to them what it is you do, however, that does not mean they are ready to buy.  At this point they don't know who you are or have much knowledge about your company, they don't understand how they may benefit from your products, and they certainly haven't read any testimonials from clients that reinforces the quality of what it is you offer them.  Providing a client with printed marketing materials that fill this need when you first meet them will create a higher likelihood of actually gaining their business.  By the way, that is 1st base.

What do you have as part of your marketing process that takes your client to 1st base rather than 2nd base the first time they are introduced to your business?  If you need assistance in developing materials that will take you along the right path in obtaining business from your potential clients, send us an email and we will schedule some time to develop the right materials for your business.


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