Procedures Manuals

Smooth Sailing Through Self-Taught Training

Image is important to us as business owners, but this is not limited to our client base.  How an employee perceives your business is equally as important.  If an employee sees that you run your business in a properly organized professional manner this usually translates in uplifting the quality of customer service they provide your clients.  Time is also a valuable commodity in business.  Training your employees is vital but it often gets put off because we have difficulty devoting the necessary resources to each employee to get it done.  After all, you are dedicated to building your business each day.

Writing a Procedures Manual for your business is time consuming at first, but in the long run will free you up quite a bit.  Having a manual professionally printed will prove to be a valuable resource.  This will allow your employees to be self-taught in many areas of your business, provide them with a written outline of their expectations, and instills confidence in them that the business they are working for runs efficiently which can help with employee retention.  You will also have written documentation that your employees can be held accountable to.  Of course there will be areas of training that you are going to be required to guide them through.  A manual should be designed to reduce the mandatory time spent with each employee significantly.

Finishing Touches

We have suggestions on how to enhance your Procedures Manuals to give them a polished appearance.  For starters, have your binders printed with your logo and a title.  Next, have custom tabs printed to label each individual section.  A table of contents makes for easy navigation to individual sections.  Have any of the forms printed you use that appear throughout the manual.  Simply create the content you want to include in your manual, send us your files while placing an order, and we'll take it from there.  Then it is smooth sailing as your employees take part in self-taught training.

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