Suggestive Selling

Increase Profit With Suggestive Selling

Increasing sales is something that every business owner strives to achieve.  While thinking of creative ways to make this happen, different thoughts travel through our minds.  These begin with ideas such as, "Maybe if I try... or What if we were to..." etc...  Some of these ideas come to fruition while others remain merely in dreamland.  There is a method to build sales that should be utilized consistently that tends to be done on a hit and miss basis.  What method is that?  That is suggestive selling by way of pointing out additional products that our existing clients may never have thought to purchase.


Often a business is thought of for one thing which can be different for each person.  The reason is a client needs a particular item or service when they come to you.  Opportunities to present additional products and services to clients occur on a daily basis, yet many of us aren't prepared for the moment they arise.  If you sell to clients while standing behind a counter show them samples of items that may appeal to them.  When packaging a product that was purchased, enclose a list of additional items they may not be aware of that relate to a product they just purchased.  Providing a line card to each client listing products and services you offer may stimulate serious thought about those items.  The important thing is to create ways to get your clients thinking of other purposes for using your services.  Remember, making clients aware of additional products and services you offer helps protect your client base by aiding them in thinking of you and not your competition because they are now aware that you offer those supplementary products they need.

If you require a list of items to be printed that suggests additional products, a line card to show the variety of products and services you offer, or other printed materials you think may help with this process take the next step by Placing an Order and Together, Let's Begin To Build Your Business.


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