Thank You

The 2 Most Powerful Words in Customer Service

Saying Thank You: The Creation of a Habit

On Average, obtaining a new customer takes multiple contacts, a lot of effort, and is somewhat costly.  It is rewarding to see the payoff when a new customer begins to give you their business.  Now that you have obtained them as a customer you need to keep them as a customer.  There is one very fundamental thing that should be done, but is often overlooked.  What is that?  Why remembering to say thank you of course.  This may seem like common sense, it may seem like the right thing to do, but it is a hard habit to get into.  Habits are built from repetition.  In the beginning you will have to be very conscious about saying it.  Soon without realizing it you will say thank you automatically when completing a transaction with a customer.  It is human nature to want to feel appreciated.  Think about how motivating it is to continue to nice things for someone when you know the person appreciates your effort.  The same thing applies to your customers in that they will want to continue doing business with you.  After all, without them you have no business.

Often times we are not with a customer when they complete a transaction.  In this case there are other ways to thank your customers.  Some business owners use a gift as a method of thank you.  Gifts are nice to receive, but a Thank You Card serves this purpose nicely and adds a personal touch.  You can purchase generic cards from many of the big box stores,  but these can be impersonal and not very professional for business use.  The best cards are custom made to include your business contact information printed on them.  Let's look at a couple of different styles.

Folded Thank You Cards are Formal, and Flat Cards are more like Postcards

Folded Thank You Front Folded Thank You Back Flat Thank You Card

Which Thank You Card Style is Right for Me?

The most common styles of Thank You Cards are a traditional folded card, or there is the now commonly used flat card.  Either way the cards can be made in a variety of sizes of your choice.  One thing to keep in mind though is that Envelopes come in distinct sizes.  When deciding on the dimension of your Thank You Cards you should first find out if there is an envelope size that will properly fit the card.  Now that you have a good idea of the size of the card, you then want to choose which style is appropriate.  To make this decision you need to consider of a few things.  First, know your budget.  While Folded Thank You Cards are more formal they do cost a bit more to produce than Flat cards.  Second, consider how you are going to design and use them.  Are you going to print on the outside and leave the inside blank so you can write your own message?  Is there going to be a pre-printed message on the inside?  If you choose to go with a Flat card, is the printing only to be on the front or both sides?  Finally, you need to think about whether to have your envelopes printed with the mailing addresses of the recipients from a list you provide when having them printed.  We print our logo and return address on our envelopes, but we hand write the mailing address.  This gives the card a personalized touch when it arrives at its destination.  A handwritten envelope is more likely to get opened than a pre-printed one.

What Should I think about when it comes to Mailing My Thank You Cards?

Mailing your Thank You Cards is the last step in the process.  Believe it or not, the way you choose to do this can also make a difference in your open rate.  How is that possible?  Bulk mail items as opposed to those with a first class stamp on them are perceived differently.  Sure the postage rate for a first class stamp costs more than a bulk rate, but again the stamp is more personalized.  How do you mail your Thank You Cards?  We use a first class stamp on our cards.

Now that you are armed with all of this information then go ahead and "Place an Order", so you can begin developing the important habit of properly thanking your customers.  Together let's continue to build your business.