Trails To Sales

Taking The Short Path

Traditionally the sales process has been illustrated by using a funnel.  The concept is that a lead enters your virtual sales funnel then via nurturing the opportunity they eventually become an actual client.  As we are all aware, life happens!  There are many occurrences in our lives that can pull us in multiple directions.  This leads to a number of choices we need to make in regards to prioritizing.  That will help ensure important tasks don't get overlooked.  Due to the fact that unexpected things happen in our lives, there is a different model that we use when it comes to the sales process that mimics the true nature of how the sales process really works.  We aren't saying that the other model is wrong, just a little restrictive in our opinion.  Our model allows for the freedom that both clients and business owners need in order to make choices along the way.  Each business owner is going to be in a unique situation with their own set of needs.  Either approach involves a certain amount of effort to obtain the desired outcome which is the eventual sale.   Let's take a look at the model we prefer to use.

Our model of the sales process involves paths as a series of trails someone can choose from.  In step with hiking, there are multiple paths leads can take or be guided along to become paying clients.  Some trails are greater in length than others but less difficult to navigate.  Other trails are short and direct, cover more challenging terrain, but also save quite a bit of time in attaining the goal.  Businesses are each in various stages of development leading to unique requirementsPlacing the control in potential clients hands by providing them a business card and asking them to call you enables them to take their path of choice.  Often they will choose the easier to navigate lengthier trail.  The problem is these trails often have offshoots where they can wander in a direction away from a sale.  Instead, keep the control in your hands and guide them along the shorter path.  Yes you will have to work harder but the results will pay off by decreasing the time it takes to obtain them as a client.

Maps of the Short Route

Maps are simply tools that provide direction to a destination.  In this case, the goal is for you to maintain control while expediting the time it takes to gain actual business from a potential client.  The maps you need to use with our model are brochures and forms.  Brochures can provide a comforting introduction to your business, explain how a client will benefit from your services, and get them excited about doing business with you.  When you meet someone that wants to learn more about your business, hand them a brochure, obtain their business card, and explain that they should read this and that you will call them tomorrow to see if they have any questions.  During that call, answer any questions and then setup a meeting over coffee to learn about each other in greater detail.  A form designed to capture their contact information is a great tool when they don't have a business card to give you.  If you are in need of one or both of these tools to help shorten the time it takes to turn a lead into a client, then Request An Estimate so we can get these in your hands as soon as possible.


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