Proper Proofing Techniques

March 11, 2010
Eric Johnson

By Eric Johnson | Minuteman Press

Proper Proofing Techniques

     "Looks great, let's go ahead and print it," is what we look for as a response when sending out an email proof.

magnifying glass Read Thoroughly

When doing a proof on location or on sight we have the customer initial a copy of their artwork and complete a form stating that they have read each line of text.  They sign this before we print.  Often as stated above, this is done in the form of an email where the customer sends us a response that gives us the go ahead to print.  We also have an internal proof form we use before anything is printed.  Is it easy to overlook a misspelled word?  Yes, even with all of those eyes looking at it.  What about Spell Check?  A word being utilized such as to can be easily used incorrectly.  Maybe you should have used the word too instead.  Both are spelled correctly, but only one is correct depending on the context.  Spell check won't catch this mistake.  A suggestion we have is to read through your project carefully once, if it is an email read it on screen, print it, read it again, put it down, do something else for a few minutes, go over it again carefully, and finally have another person read through it.  The project may look artistically beautiful, but make sure it is grammatically correct as well.
    Another technique that can help is to read through your text backwards.  This forces you to take a close look at every letter due to the fact that it is not the way you normally read.  Isn't this being a little too careful?  Not if you want an error free project.  These techniques really don't take that much time to do and you will be glad you did them when you get your final product.  If you have any additional tips and tricks in addition to these that you use to proof your projects, then please click here and "Provide Us with Your Proofing Tips".  Maybe we will use those in a future article.  Who knows, your techniques may just keep someone else's project error free.