Determining Your Target

April 23, 2010Eric Johnson

By Eric Johnson | Minuteman Press

Determining Your Target

     You spent countless hours developing the perfect business plan.  Now to get your name out there.   You start by going to your local printer and having business cards made up.  So far so good.  Next you head out to get some customers.  You meet some people through everyday conversation, telling them about your business while handing them a business card.  Is this person one in need of what you have to offer?  A mailing is way to reach a large number of people quickly, so you give that a try.  Your local printer comes up with a great design with clear messaging.  Direct mail can work well, but who did the mailing go out to?  Were they your ideal clients?

Ideal Client Ideal Client

    The ideal client is the one that all business owners seek.   There are many ways to locate them.  Before heading out on your quest you need to ask yourself some basic questions to help you determine who it is you need to seek.  What types of people are going to be best suited to my products or services?  Are there certain age categories I will be marketing my services to?  Am I going to be able to speak directly with my potential clients?  Maybe your clients will mainly find your business by way of the internet and print media.  Are my clients going to be those who are business professionals or consumers that will be utilizing my services?  Knowing this up front will help you target areas of communication that will best reach your clients the right way.  Business Networking, the internet, and print media are a few of the most widely utilized methods of communication by businesses.  A combination of these works best.
       Business Networking works extremely well if you have a clear message, have your ideal client in mind, and make an explicit presentation to those you are asking for referrals from.  If you are specific in what it is you are looking for in a client there may be someone at the meeting who just happens to know the appropriate person to get you in contact with.  Print media in the form of such items as business cards and postcards can be extremely good ways to let your client base know quickly what you have to offer them.  Provided of course that they get into the hands of the right people, and the items are properly designed to present them with your message as clearly as possible.  Be sure these look spectacular as this very likely will be the way you make your first impression on the quality of the products and services you have to offer.
     As business owners we all know that word of mouth advertising is inherently the best kind.  Those customers who take the time to share their valuable experience in utilizing your business with others they know need to be greatly appreciated.  These types of leads take time to develop however.  Traditional forms of reaching out to both existing and potential new clients need to compliment this most cherished activity.
     "I understand what you are getting at, but I am not sure how to really determine who my ideal clients are.  What should I do?"  Our staff is very experienced in dealing with many different business types and would be happy to assist you in narrowing this down.  Please click here and "Make an appointment".  We will help you with this and developing the proper printed items to get your message stated clearly to them at the same time.