Holiday Gift Ideas

October 24, 2011
Eric Johnson

By Eric Johnson | Minuteman Press

Holiday Gifts Ideas to Fit Any Budget

     Every year the holiday shopping crunch creeps up on us all.  Before we know it we are in a panic mode trying to get those last minute gifts for those on our list.  The most common reason for procrastinating seems to be that lack of knowledge of what to get our gift recipients.  We ask ourselves questions such as, "What can I possibly get them that they don't already have?  Every year I get the people on my list the same thing, so what can I get them that is unique?  We have some great holiday gift ideas that will solve these problems while keeping you in a reasonable budget.  So, what are these wonderful gift ideas.  Let's find out.

Let's start by looking at a couple of gifts under $10
Notepad Set

     I want to begin by telling you about our most popular gifts which is a Notepad Set consisting of 5 Notepads in a variety of sizes.  What do we need to know to get your Notepad Gift Set started?  That's the easy part.  All we need is a name and a favorite color.  Some of the work has already been done for you.  We have chosen a number of both masculine and feminine fonts that we use depending on the name and to your liking.  Since you know your gift recipient better than we do, the color is up to you to let us know.  That's it.  Before you know it your gift is in hand.  The best part is whoever you give it to will love and actually use it.  This makes a great gift for Employees, Teachers,  and Children.  Anyone really.  How many do I have to order to be able to get the price to fit this category?  You don't have to order hundreds of items.  In fact, with all of our gifts the minimum order quantity is 1.

Desktop Calendar

     Another great gift in this price range is a Desktop Calendar. These fit into many situations whether going on an actual desk, or possibly a counter.  So what is so great about receiving a calendar as a gift? How about 12 months of reliving some fond memories for a reason.  You provide us with 12 pictures of your choice and we do all the work of laying them out in a presentable fashion that your gift recipient will cherish all year.  The compact nature of these calendars is what makes them so great.  This is a terrific stocking stuffer.

Now let's move on to a few gifts under $20

Wall Calendar

     First in this category is another Calendar format which is a Wall Calendar.  Like it's counterpart, the Wall Calendar is way to share those memories with those you are providing gifts for.  The nice thing about the calendar being printed in this format is that the larger layout provides a useful space to document important dates that are to occur throught the year.  We all need to plan our lives as there are too many things happening to possibly remember them all.  While the Desktop Calendar provides us with a reminder of the current day at a glance, the Wall Calendar is a useful tool your gift recipients will truly appreciate.  Throughout both of our calendar styles you will find the holidays already printed in them, so you won't have to try and figure out when those are.

Photo Cards

     Next up is a fun way to reach out to your family and friends in a way that is sure to put a smile on their face.  So, what is it I'm talking about?  Photo Cards are a wonderful way to say Happy Holidays to all of those important to you.  These are an alternative to the more traditional folding style of greeting card.  Photo Cards are more like a postcard and fit nicely in the included envelopes. These come as a set, and work well for businesses getting their holiday messages out as well.  Again, you furnish the photo and we provide you with the finished product.  It's that easy.  What about the background images?  Do you have some ready to go?  As a matter fact we do.  We have backgrounds featuring a variety of holiday images already formatted for the cards, unless you have your own of course.


     This year we have added a new and useful prodcut to our lineup of unique gift ideas.  There is nothing quite like a hot drink on a cold winter day.  Our Personalized Mugs are the perfect item to make this a reality.  Yes, we need you to provide another photo to go on the mugs.  Remember, it's your memories that you are wantng to share with others.  We are simply supplying a terrific gift idea to display them on.  This is one gift that is sure to warm the heart, not to mention the tummy as your gift recipient takes that first sip of a hot beverage of their choice.  Hot Cocoa anyone?  Sounds good to me.  The user will thank you with every gulp.

     So, you see you aren't stuck with the same old choices in gift giving ideas this year.  You were wondering what to do with all of those photos that you have been taking over the years.  These gifts make a great way to share your memories with others.  Don't be frustrated another year when trying to find the right gift ideas to give to those your care most about.  Simply click here so we can "Make You an Appointment". We will gladly sit down with you and discuss all the options for getting you the right gifts for everyone on your list.  If you already know exactly what you have in mind in the way of gifts after reading this article, simply click here to "Place an Order", and we will be glad to get your items designed and printed for you.