Summertime is Outside Sales Time

June 27, 2011
Eric Johnson

By Eric Johnson | Minuteman Press

Summertime is Outside Sales Time

      Your sitting in your office or store looking outside at the beautiful summer sunshine.  Your sales aren't quite what they were and you're racking your brain to come up with a new marketing stratedgy. You've tried a number of things but the results aren't what you are looking for. Relax! We have an answer.
     Summertime is a great time to leave your comfortable work settings and go out and drum up business.  To do this effectively you are going to need to have a marketing piece that is well designed, is informative about the products and services you have to offer potential clients, and is something that will catch there attention so they take the time to read it thoroughly.  O.K. you have my attention but what is it you are talking about?  Door Hangers!  Door Hangers?  That's right, Door Hangers.  I could see where those would work for some types of businesses but not mine, right?  Maybe, maybe not.  Consider first if your business caters to a consumer based customer or mainly business to business.  If your customer base is made up primarily of consumers then Door Hangers will work for you if the marketing campaign is done properly.

Door Hanger

     My customers are primarily consumers so where do I start?  Door Hangers come in different sizes and can be printed on different materials.  Each of these will affect cost, but size differences will also affect design.  How?  Remember that Door Hangers are made to hang on a door handle.  To make this happen they are die cut with a hole and perforated at the top.  The perforation is there so the size of the opening can be adjusted as needed to fit the many different door handle types that are out there.  Being that there will be a hole at the top decreases some of the design area that will remain once the hole is cut out.  We typically make a Door Hanger that has a finished size of 4" wide by 11" tall.  This is large enough to capture the attention of your potential customers, leaves plenty of area to design your images and information,  and makes for a very professional looking piece.  They can be printed on one or two sides depending on the amount of information you need to provide.
     The next thing to consider is the design itself.  Images help to capture a customers attention.  If the right ones are used they quickly let a potential customer know what is is you have to offer them, and people remember pictures more than words.  Using just the right amount of fonts and text is important.  Too many fonts can be distracting, and making the best use of the space provided with the wording can make the difference in the effectiveness of the message you leave behind.  Can you assist with this?  Yes we can.  All you need to provide us with is the images you want along with the text.  We will take care of the rest.  Our team of graphic designers will design you a product you will be proud of.
     Finally you need to get out there and market.  There are a couple of approaches you could take here.  You could either go out and hang the Door Hangers on every door you come to, or you could target market.  I can target market with Door Hangers?  As a matter of fact you can.  Let's use an example of an Auto Repair company that only repairs certain makes and models of vehicles.  As they are out seeking potential customers and run across a driveway where one of the vehcles they repair is parked, what better place to hang a Door Hanger?  The owner of that vehicle will very likely need that company's services now or at some point in the near future.  Although it may take longer to complete your markeitng process,  this would be a far more effective approach for this company than merely blanketing doors with Door Hangers.
     Summertime is the time for outside sales. Take advantage of the beautiful weather, get the word out to potential customers about the products and services you have to offer using a professional marketing piece that is sure to capture their attention, consider target marketing with your Door Hangers, and enjoy your increase in sales. Don't let this great marketing opportunity pass you by, click here so we can "Make You an Appointment". We will gladly sit down with you and discuss all the options for getting you the right Door Hangers for your business.  If you already know exactly what you need in the way of Door Hangers or any other project, simply click here to "Place an Order", and we will be glad to get your items designed and printed for you.