Product Choice and Design

April 27, 2010Eric Johnson

By Eric Johnson | Minuteman Press

Product Choice and Design

     There are many ways in which to advertise your business.  One of the most popular is through print media.  What are the best product choices when developing your marketing strategy?  That seems to be a question on a lot of business owner's minds as they want to spend their money wisely.  The intention is always good, but unfortunately the choices made are often misguided.  One thing to keep in mind is to use the products you choose for their intended purposes.  For example, a business card is not a brochure and should not be used as one.  Honestly, if you need a brochure to help sell your products then have one made.  Listed below are a few examples of some common products and their uses.      

  • Brochures work well for businesses that use detailed information to describe their services or provide transactions with involved processes.  Brochures will help to clarify information for a client and assist in making business activity a smooth process.
  • Business cards are really meant to let someone know who you are, what you do, and how to get in contact with you period.
  • Flyers can be a cost effective way for some businesses to market their products and services.  If they are being handed out to the public to quickly get the word out about an event or new product, printing black ink on bright colored paper stock can get the message across while keeping the cost down.  Realtors often use these to inform potential buyers about a particular home that is currently on the market.  For this purpose the flyers need to be designed with a clear message, include high resolution images of the property, and be printed on a quality paper stock in order for them to be effective.
  • Notepads as giveaways are great items because they keep your name in front of your clients or potential clients day after day all day long.
  • Postcards are an excellent tool to reach potential clients, touch base with existing ones, or to promote a new product or service you are offering.  Adding value to postcards via a coupon or percentage of savings is highly recommended as this gives customers an incentive to hang on to them for an extended period of time.  Direct mailings work well if they are done consistently multiple times to a targeted market.
  • Thank You Cards that fold are a great way to thank your clients for closed business or referring you to a new client.  This is an easy thing to overlook, but an important method of retaining the business you already have.  You can add a personal touch to these by making a handwritten note inside and hand addressing them.

     There are a multitude of other printed items that can be used to help you advertise your business such as door hangers, forms, and presentation folders to name a few.  Some products are business exclusive in that not all of them work for a particular business. A staffing agency wouldn't necessarily benefit from a door hanger, but a residential painter very well may.
   So, what products are best for your particular business?  Let's talk about a business category and what products would work for them.  This will give you an idea about how to think about the different products that your business may need.  Most service businesses perform tasks that at a particular location.  Brochures would be a great item to help discuss all of the different services your business offers.  Business cards are useful in obtaining new business as well as providing a way for customers to reach you at a later date when services are needed again.  Carbonless forms would work for them as they can estimate a job and leave a copy of the estimate with the customer.  Once the job is complete they can provide the customer with a copy of the invoice while maintaining the original.  Coroplast signs are an excellent way for a service business to advertise work done at a particular location.  If you were a painter for example, the painting of a house makes it look fantastic so let people who walk or drive by know who did the work.  Door Hangers are an excellent way for those service industries that deal with residential customers to learn about what it is you have to offer.  Magnetic business cards being left with a customer once the work is complete leaves them a reminder of who to call the next time they need your services.  Notepads being left can lead to multiple contacts as people tend to hand those they know a quick note leaving them with contact information for your business.  Thank you cards are the way a service business should show their appreciation of the opportunity to service their customers.

Digital Design
Designing Digitally

     Product choice is important, but the way those products show off your business is equally crucial.  The outcomes of your products are affected by many factors. One thing to consider when planning your different items to print is start with a high resolution photo or your original logo file.  Font choices are vital to the readability of a printed item.  Choosing too many different font types can be confusing.  Fun and fancy fonts may be alright for a business that is creative by nature, but probably not for an attorney.  The overall style is reflective of your business.  Make sure your design is reflective of what it is that your business does and represents your business well.
      Remember there is creating a beautiful design on the screen, and then there is creating a design properly so it prints out on paper in such a way that the outcome is a useful product.  To make your life easier we offer full design services from logo design to project completion.  If you already have images in mind and need assistance in completing your project, simply click here to Send Us a File and include all images while using the form to explain any text and fonts you have in mind.  We will send you a proof as soon as it is completed.  If you have a concept in mind but you have no idea how to make it a reality, click here so we can "Make You an Appointment".  We will gladly sit down with you and discuss all the options for getting you exactly what you had in mind.