Top 10 Ways To Save Money When Printing

September 22, 2010
Eric Johnson

By Eric Johnson | Minuteman Press

Top 10 Ways To Save Money When Printing

     Every business uses some form of printing in marketing their products and services.  While there is a vast selection of products that can be created to accomplish this, there are many factors that can affect the overall cost of the project.  From the size of a project, to the color of inks utilized, you will learn in detail how these and other factors affect the price of your project.  We will take a look at these factors one at a time starting with the least significant of these money saving tips to the one that will save you the most.

Top 10

 10. Ask about our current specials or promotions to see if your project qualifies.  It never hurts to ask as you may just get the answer you were hoping for.  If it just so happens that we are running a promotion on the item you are interested in then you save money.
    9. Buy any images you need for your project through Minuteman Press of Colorado Springs.  We have access to thousands of images, in multiple formats, at significantly discounted rates compared to what you would pay on your own for the same images.
    8. Change the type of paper your project is going to be printed on.  If you had a certain type of paper in mind to have your project printed on that's fine.  There may be an alternate paper by another manufacturer that is comparable to the original in quality, but actually less expensive.  Again, it never hurts to ask.
    7. Check with your local Post Office or Mail House prior to printing any direct mail pieces to make sure the size is compliant with postal regulations, and to learn what the actual postage rates will be based on the dimensions of the project.  It would be costly to find out after the fact and have to reprint the entire project.
     6. Re-size your project so that a greater number of items can be printed at the same time.  Depending on the increase of items being printed at once, the cost savings could be quite substantial.
     5. Print in Black instead of Color where it is appropriate to do so.  Is it really necessary to print in color on the inside portion of a Thank You card?  The design will help to determine this,  but using black may be a good way to save money on your project.
     4. Order large quantities of items that you know you use frequently, or will use over a period of time.  Instead of purchasing 250 of a certain item purchase 1,000 instead.  With printing, there are generally significant per piece price breaks when larger quantities of an item are purchased.
     3. Once you receive a proof for your project, be sure to proofread carefully and thoroughly prior to responding that it is o.k. to print.  The project may look graphically stunning, everything may appear to be in place,  but many people don't take the time to really read the information presented.  Having to reprint the entire project because you didn't realize that you used an old email address can be quite costly, and easy to avoid by paying close attention to detail.
     2. Find your own images, write your own text, and Email it all to the graphic artist at Minuteman Press Colorado Springs for assistance in making your concept a reality.  This will not only save you time but money as well.  Graphics charges are based on time,  so the leg work you do in putting all of this information together for the artist saves them considerable research leading to cost savings for you.

Number 1

Design the project yourself,  then send print ready artwork to Minuteman Press Colorado Springs via our website for completion.  If you have the proper software, knowledge of how to design for print, and the time to put your project together yourself then do it.  This eliminates the need for any graphic charges, which leaves only the printing charges themselves. Caution: There is a distinct difference in merely designing a beautiful work of art and designing a beautiful work of art that is going to print.  Things such as color bleeds, the gripper edge, image types, and many other things need to be considered when designing for this purpose.  If you really aren't sure how to do this properly then maybe number 2 on our top 10 list is the way to go.  You can learn more on this by reading our articles titled Designing For Print and What Image Type Is Best which will give you insight into two of the major areas that require consideration prior to designing your project.

     As you can see there are a number of ways in which money can be saved when having your printing done.  You can also see that a lot of thought needs to go into deciding on the best way to achieve your final product. If you ever need assistance with any decisions related your project then feel free to send us an Email and we would be glad to help provide you with information to make an informed decision.  At Minuteman Press Colorado Springs we want you to get your project done the way you envisioned it,  while saving you time and money in doing so.